Who the Hell Makes Your Clothes

I am proud to say all items are hand made in the USA either by myself or my small team of amazing women!
It's been a wild ride doing all the pattern drafting, cutting and sewing myself (oh, and with the "help" of my 3 yr old daughter, Pistol-Peach) and I am so grateful that with the success of my small business (Thank YOU!) I've been able to employ another woman owned and operated small business. 
Handmade clothes are special.  They take time, but also last a long time.  
  This is not fast fashion.  These items are made with high quality fabrics, production details and of course love!  You don't get instant gratification from having an item in hand the second you purchase it...but our hope is that you feel satisfaction that lasts a lot longer in knowing that you are supporting a small biz and helping the environment by making investment purchases.
Want you to have a love affair with your clothes, not just a fling.