Who should NOT wear Bell Bottoms

Who should NOT wear Bell Bottoms

A Guide to Bell Bottom Pants for every-body

bell bottoms in garage with motorcycle 

Bell Bottoms: What Comes to mind? 

If you're like many fashionistas, visions of the 60's, a lot of the 70's, and most recently the 90's quickly comes into frame.  I also think of the bellbottom's close cousin, the "flare", because I grew up in the fall of the bell bottom style and the rise of the skinny jean.
I remember the 90's because much of it was spent finding the perfect pair of flares that fit my awkward, preteen, chubby body.  After much trial and error, I got them.  A pair with enough stretch in the denim to flatter my figure and a perfectly proportioned bell.  Then, POOF they were out of style. Onto the low-rise skinny pants...not a great look on my midrange body, but that's fashion.
Resurgence is a natural ebb and flow in fashion, bell bottoms being no exception.
 The history of the bellbottom is a crazy one.  I'll keep it brief but like any good love story there's highs and lows.
Originally worn by sailors for practicality (if you fell overboard, you could inflate them with air and float).  The bell bottom went on to be worn as a political symbol, fashion statement, and then not at all.

Who wore custom bell bottom designs?

Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, Elvis, Bowie, Queen, Sonny & Cher are all contenders of the bell bottom.

Custom Bell Bottoms Inspired by 70's Fashion

Today as I'm designing and making bells, I envision them a little earthy, a bit biker, and a lot rock n roll.   They transition from season to season and a great pair of bell bottoms evolve as the day unfolds.  I love throwing on a chunky platform boot under mine as I stomp out my daily errands.  By the afternoon I'm down to a bikini top sitting in the sun watching my kid play as the sun sets. I'm barefoot, a cold beer in hand, propped on a barstool in our shop watching the boys wrench while the BBQ glows in the background. 
 sitting in sand with bell bottoms and kid
I love my handmade bell bottoms and make them to be stretchy, high waisted, comfy as hell, and versatile.  Bells already create the illusion of a smaller waist but with our unique V waistband it's super curve enhancing.  Being a size 10/12 sometimes 14 myself I'm thrilled to offer a wider size range to include Plus sizes this year in my collection!
watching sunset in bell bottoms
That being said who should not wear bells ......anyone who downright doesn't like them and/or it's just not your style.  We all need to accept not everything is for everyone.  I wish I could go back in time and save my adolescent self so much turmoil and insecurity trying to make those damn low-rise jeans work.  It's not about if it looks good on you or not. It's about your own confidence and aesthetic.  Don't wear shit you don't feel good in, it will never look right.  If you're on the fence or already a believer in the bell read on.

  5 Tips on How to Wear Bell Bottoms

  1. Don't go out of your comfort zone (ie: rise, color, texture)
            If you're unsure about the color red, don't start with red pants.
  1. The higher wasted they are the longer your legs look
            No matter how short or tall you are.
  1. Where the flare begins is personal preference but...if you're shorter    try starting at or below your knee for the best proportion.
            p.s. I make custom inseams.
  1. Bells are equal opportunists, meaning a good bell bottom loves a band shirt, a bathing suit and a turtleneck all the same.  
            Try it you'll see.
  1. Bells transition from season to season.  
          Think chunky sweater and boots to crop top and flip flops
jumping on the trampoline in bell bottoms
Kaelyn Cobra

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  • Beck

    Look at you getting me thinking about bell bottoms!! I didn’t think it was possible, but they’re everywhere right now (especially on roller skaters!!!) and your talk about high waist and custom inseams has me thinking that maybe it wasn’t me that made the bells look weird, but just ill-fitting bells for my body type ie looooong-ass torso, and short lil legs… A higher waste, and a well-positioned bell could completely change my mind. Just thought I’d share that, and let you know your description had me rethinking what I thought I knew about myself and the bad babe bells…

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