The Art Of Getting Dressed

The Art Of Getting Dressed
I believe in the art of getting dressed, the act of using clothes to craft the perfect tone each day to inspire and define yourself (myself). Fashion often gets a bad rep as frivolous, insignificant, excessive, expensive, impractical and meaningless. The negative connotation around the industry can be discouraging. In the past I’ve felt ashamed to be so impacted and in love with wearing and creating garments. Then I thought about the power clothes have on my mood and how they positively affect the way I show up as a mother, wife, and person. If something so insignificant can provide so much value in my life there must be more to it.
The habits I’ve formed around the art of getting dressed are impactful. When I’m confident and comfortable in my apparel I can take on anything. Expressing myself this way allows me to free up space in my mind to think about other people, bigger things, and take on tasks at hand. I use personal style as a way to access and maintain this mindset.
The art of getting dressed isn’t a guide of “what to wear”, it’s not the trendiest, coolest, most expensive designer items. It actually has no perimeters other than you feel good in what you put on. Simple as that.Don’t overthink it. Seek a feeling of ease and your aesthetic will come.

5 tips to set the tone:

  • Act on inspo. If I cant stop thinking about a song, I listen to it. If there’s a color of lipstick I’m obsessed with, I find a way to wear it. A muse I can’t get off my mind, I emulate her.
  • Channel your mood. All black or Colorful? Heels or sneaker? If I’m feeling more casual I won’t force myself into a mini skirt.
  • Go with your gut. Try stuff on and play around, but go with your first instinct. You’ll be much more satisfied all day.
  • Trust your own identity. Your style/aesthetic doesn’t have to be revolutionary, just your own and that’s enough.
  • Serve. Suit yourself to serve others. Dress with pride and passion and go be positively influential in the world. We need you.

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  • Kimlan Wright

    I love this so much! I am a thrift store shopper! Instead of getting what’s in trend at the moment, I have finally found myself with Covid! I wear what I dream about! What saying is stuck in my head, or what Item I pick up off my extensive clean clothes pile! I don’t know if anyone else out there is the same. But when I do laundry, and everything is clean. It takes too long for me, to put everything away in a color coordinated way or strategically by what type of clothes it is. So there I am with my insanely large pile of clean clothes! I grab whatever item is on the top and think okay…today I could be Alicia Silverstone, Elvira, Barbie, Amy Winehouse or Diana Ross. Clothes have made me find a way to still have fun and express myself during Covid! It’s amazing to just dress with what I feel or what I find instead of where I’m going! I have fully embraced my individuality with clothing, cooking, and finally loving my home. Cheers to outfits, songs you love, and movies you felt are bad ass without worrying about what people will think. It’s finally about me and what I love, depending on the day! KC defines this!

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