Top 4 Things I've learned From My Best Friend

Top 4 Things I've learned From My Best Friend
I have amazing conversations with my best friend Lisa, they are unrivaled.  We indulge in our dreams, share new pursuits, problem solve, and discuss down right weird, gross, and inappropriate shit. You know what I'm talking about. But that's what besties are for, right?!?  
These chats always leave me feeling better than I did before.  With all the valuable info we discuss it only seemed natural to share (some of it anyways).  My hope is that this blog "Shooting the Breeze" will be relatable, keep life in perspective and go down some hilarious rabbit holes.  Expect some real talk, tips, and epiphanies in this ever accumulating column.
In honor of Lisa's birthday (which I have tattooed on my finger and still almost miss somehow every year)  here are a few gems I've collected from her.  Let's get this party started......
1. fact share your shit!  
    Even your very favorite, irreplaceable silk fruit print Betsey Johnson dress...because what's the worst thing that could possibly happen to loaning that out to a gravy filled Thanksgiving feast?  After hard begging to borrow it and then hard apologizing when returning it, I realized dresses come and go, friendship is forever.  Lisa never hesitates, instead insists I borrow her very favorite things.  
    2. Fine things are meant to be used (up)!
      OK, I'm the kid that saved ALL and I do mean all my stickers and stationary          (for what I'm still not sure).  So this was a new concept for me when I met Lisa.  Her most expensive perfume, take an extra spritz for your pillow!  Her costly cosmetic collection, lets do our makeup for the hell of it, twice!
      3. Overindulge, selectively... not in everything all the time.
        Enjoy, relax, appreciate, absorb, savor, relish, wallow in, devour and drink to this wonderful life that Lisa's proven over and over in that experiences are worth more than things.

        4. My eyebrows are sisters not twins, embrace the unique differences.
          Simple, yet revolutionary.  Pressures' off girls, enough with identical, just make them complimentary.
          So much more amazingness to come, but for now think about the lessons, tips, and revelations you've learned and please share!
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          Kaelyn Cobra

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            • Lisa Ribar

              Yes yes yes, love you and our chats so damn much too. Feeling so ever so mutual ❤️

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