How To Shop Your Closet

How To Shop Your Closet

You know that feeling you get when you see the perfect outfit? The one that totally encompasses you, resonates with you, is YOU! Immediately you visualize conquering the world, or at least the wine bar in these clothes. You try them on...they fit perfect, (plus they look amazing with the shoes you already have on!) Sold.

What if you had this experience every time/day you got dressed? How would that affect your approach to your day? Would you be happier? Could you get more done?

Here's how to shop your very own closet daily:

  • Make It Beautiful. Organize, color code, hang by lengths, fold all the same direction. Choose an aesthetic that’s attractive to you. Think about your most favorite retail store and what details draw you in, copy that.
  • Keep It Relevant. Store out of season things out of site. You wouldn't want to be confronted with a bright floral swim suit when your sifting through a rack of fur coats in the dead of winter. Also put away any items that don't fit right now, they only cause stress. You wouldn't set yourself up for disappointment by shopping a whole section of too small sizes at a store.
  • Keep It Clean. Match socks an throw away ugly underwear. Don't let clothes fall off the hanger. It's distracting. Display your shoes in all the same direction. Personally I hate hunting through a discount rack and I'll be damned if my closet looks like one.
  • Curate. Put looks together that you'd stop street side to try on. Display items in a”featured” way by hanging them from your mirror or facing them out in a line of garments. Make your clothes resonate with you by showcasing your vibes.

All this being said some days more than half my clothes end up in a heap on my bed, I can only find one grey knee high sock, and the under wear I have on I vowed to throw out last week. Don't get discouraged when your closet doesn't look like this 100% of the time, we can all have goals though right? 

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