Badass Babes: Volume 1

Badass Babes: Volume 1

It's always been my dream to dress the raddest and the baddest.  I'm genuinely living that dream right now!  This blog series is dedicated to showcasing the beautiful, bona fide, babes that inspire me on the daily.  Check out their stories and styles.

Meet: Emily aka @amermaidrenegade


Being a curvy girl my entire life has had its ups and downs, but when I decided to start modeling, I never dreamed I'd have the opportunity to be an advocate for body positivity in the clothing world. I grew up watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show and always dreamed of seeing someone with a similar body type to mine up there. Having the chance now to work with such a wonderful woman, Kaelyn, who makes such inclusive wildly eye-catching pieces, I feel like a dream of mine has come true!

When I saw and felt these clothes in person, I fell even more in love with Kaelyn's creations more than I even was already after seeing her incredible Instagram feed full of happy powerful women! The bells bottoms and tops are so comfy, I feel like I am lounging around in my pajamas, but I look fierce! Not only do the bell bottom pants make my booty look incredible, the styles and fabrics Kaelyn choices to use are one of a kind! I feel like a true goddess in these clothes! I can't wait to continue to work with the amazing Kaelyn Cobra brand to show all women they can look and feel beautiful in these clothes!


For collabs and booking contact
 Instagram @amermaidrenegade

Outfit 1: 70's Scrunch Shirt & Perfect Peach Bell Bottoms

Outfit 2: Perfect Peach Bell Bottoms

Outfit 3: Heatseeker Halter & Perfect Peach Bell Bottoms

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